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Hi, my name is Sara and I am the owner of and the official UK Distributor of HQG1C ponies.

I created as a way to allow pony collectors to easily search for all of their favourite pony toys online in one place. I specialise in G1 and HQG1C ponies, but I do occasionally have other generations and vintage toy lines for sale. If there is something specific you are looking for, please get in touch!


As I child I had a large collection of My Little Pony toys, like most little girls in the 1980's. My passion for collecting them was re-ignited as a teenager when I found out that my childhood pony collection had been sold at a car boot sale, which then led me to eBay and things escalated from there! As you can probably guess, Starglow is my favourite pony and the business is named after her.

I have been part of the pony community since 2006 and have been buying and selling ponies online for much of that time. As well as attending the UK Ponycon convention each year in Nottingham and you can also find me on several of the MLP collecting Facebook groups. I also love to photograph and restore vintage ponies -  examples of restorations I have done for customers can be seen on my Instagram account @little_starglow.

Thank you for visiting and happy collecting!

- Sara (Little Starglow)

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